Rockin’ the Promo: Things to Know about Facebook Promotions

Here’s a riddle:  At least one out of two people in the U.S. do this every day.

Answer:  Hang out on Facebook for about a half an hour.

As a business, you’ve got an open door to make an impact on a potential customer within this critical half-hour window. Consider Facebook promotions for your Facebook business page. You’ll not only build brand interest and strength, but you’ll be able to peruse and ponder dozens of analytics about who is engaging with you on Facebook.

Once you’ve got a company Facebook page, you must keep posting fresh, original content, incorporating links to your site, engaging in conversations with people who use your site and encouraging people to interact with you and your business because it will be valuable and meaningful.

One way is to use Facebook promotions, and the options can be creative, fun and effective. Even better:  promos drive people to your Facebook presence when they might typically focus their time on their other 600 Facebook friends. Note:  Facebook promos are required to be administered through an app, and you can’t count things like the number of Likes you receive as entries. Legal Zoom provides some guidance in a recent article.

What types of Facebook promos are available?
– Coupons:  Make sure you’re encouraging people to go to your website in the coupon process, where they’ll be exposed to other offers as well – such as more discounts for signing up for your enewsletter or a whitepaper.
– Freebies:  This is a solid method for building a buzz around your organization, fast.
– Contests:  Encourage your Facebook audience to recommend your page to 10 of their friends.
– Surveys:  Keep them short and simple, and don’t be afraid to post some positive or thought-provoking answers as topics of conversation.

What must I know about Facebook promotions?
-Before you launch your next great promo, know that you’re the responsible party for how the promo is handled, such as the rules and guidelines and conditions.
– You need to use Apps on Facebook to carry out your promotion administration.
– Everyone who gets involved with your promotion needs a Facebook release, and must be notified that your promotion isn’t at all connected with Facebook.
– Asking someone to Like your page or cast a vote by liking your page isn’t enough to officially count as making them registered for your promotion.
– Tell the lucky winner in a method other than Facebook, such as an email from your organization.

Facebook promotions can be an effective part of an overall content creation strategy that utilizes social media alongside other tools, such as emarketing, whitepapers, blog campaigns and great web content. Consider spending your next daily Facebook half-hour exploring some fun promo ideas that you can make all your own.

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