I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and People Like Me: Now Grow My Email List

Email marketing is definitely alive and well. In fact, it’s called one of the most targeted and most effective ways to reach a distinct audience because it’s totally permission-based. People reading your email campaign messages are getting them because they want them, most of the time. Thus, you want more people to want you. But how?

One way is to be sure there are many simple ways to sign up for e-updates. Put the subscriber box on every page of your website. Send out reminders across your social media that there’s great content in your emarketing campaign, and remind them how easy it is to sign up.

Speaking of content creation, email newsletters and email message blasts must still follow the golden rules of quality content:  they must be meaningful, give you readers genuine value for opening them, and stay true to the tone and personality of your brand. Don’t overkill with imagery, especially since so many users will open them on mobile phones. Make the content short and interesting, focusing on topics that are relevant. You can use social media dialogue as a great jumping off point for story material.

Once your well-written email message content is in place, make sure it has hyperlinks to your website, any blogs you’ve written that pertain to the topic and an outside resource for credibility. This also improves your search ranking online and helps more people find your enews pieces.

Another way to increase readership of your email campaign pieces is to entice new subscribers through  social media promotions. Offer a chance to win something, but only if they are willing to fill out your quick and easy email subscription form. Giving people plenty of control and choices over which messages they receive from you is also key to growing your list, as this positive experience encourages them to share with others across their personal networks. If your company has multiple divisions, for example, poll your readers to see which areas they’re most interested in. (Not only does it show your interest in them as a customer, but it gives you inside info on what will encourage them to take action).

Lastly, keep in mind the basics about regular mail when trying to build your email list. You open mail if you asked for it. You open it if it’s interestingly packaged. You open it if it doesn’t seem too big or too overwhelming. And perhaps most important, you open it when you know, trust and enjoy the sender. By offering valuable email content to your audience, you’re becoming a friend — and getting mail from friends is always appreciated.

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