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4 Tips for Successful Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is key to a successful business for many different reasons, but one of the biggest is that engaged customers result in loyal brand advocates. According to Gartner, there are four key attributes of quality customer engagement. Ethical, active, … Continue reading

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Provide a Better Customer Experience

No matter what industry we are in, we are all striving to provide a better customer experience. It seems like a few years ago, brands were starting this trend of trying to be everything to everyone. Pushing themselves into segments … Continue reading

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Building Social Media Relationships With Customer Engagement

Let’s say you get invited to a friend’s house for a big party. You get there and start asking some questions about their life and how things are going, but no one responds. Nothing but silence. You might think they … Continue reading

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Social Media Strategies That Work: How Making Content Marketing a Priority Pays Off

We all know that advertisers are no stranger to social media. Our news feeds are constantly supplying us with the next best product. With just a click of the mouse, you can gain access to your consumer’s newsfeeds. Gaining followers … Continue reading

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How is Your Social Media Customer Engagement?

You’ve worked hard to create a quality product or service and you’re doing everything you can to let others know about what you’ve got to offer. You’ve probably established a budget for advertising, but what about social media strategies? According … Continue reading

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Engaging Your Customers

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Social Media Begins (and Ends) With Engaging Customers

Often we all get a little caught up in the idea that social media is going to bring us more revenue. However, it is key to remember that social media is all about building relationships, which will in turn bring … Continue reading

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Do You Get Excited About Social Media?

Social media. Some hear this and get a little happy and excited about the overall prospect of things to come. Others hear this and the cringe that accompanies the grumblings begin. Despite the occasional negative response to social media, the … Continue reading

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Twitter and Customer Engagement

Twitter has become an extremely powerful social media channel. More and more people are using it as a networking tool rather than the social aspect it was originally designed for. Businesses and organizations use Twitter to reach out and create … Continue reading

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Does Your Customer Engagement Start With Your Employees?

In a digital world, customer engagement is less likely to occur in person for the business-to-business market place. Those customers are turning to digital sources like social communities, mobile apps, the web, and their peers. Nearly 70 percent of buying … Continue reading

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