Are You Stuck in Your Old Branding Strategy?

16746900_sBranding doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process that starts with knowing what you want your brand to be. Building a branding strategy includes personalization, promotion, and content creation.

A recent article highlighted four ways to identify your personal brand and nurture it. It’s a cyclical process. Every three months you need to reevaluate your branding strategy and look at ways to improve upon it.

  • Measure. With your branding strategy comes a marketing plan. The two must coexist and need to have metrics incorporated to measure your marketing efforts. Branding strategies take time so remember to stop, measure and evaluate your progress. Amp up what works and scale back, or do away with, what isn’t.

  • Learn. While it’s not always about winning or losing you can learn from each battle. Take a close look at your calendar. What posts did you write on social media sites? What content did you create in the last 12 weeks?

Here are some questions to ask when it comes to those recent activities.

What areas did I see the most success?
Were there any mistakes? What can I learn from those mistakes?
Were there any activities that didn’t produce fruit?
Is there anything I would do over?
Are there any networking events that I could do without?

  • Update. The best branding strategies have a seamless calendar and marketing plan. And both should be updated regularly. Marketing tactics should dictate your activities throughout the year. Plan on revising based on what works. This might be a good time to add different content such as video blogs or Pinterest.

  • Adjust. Like any business, things change. Every three months you should be evaluating your offerings, pricing, and programs to see if they are still on track with your branding strategy. Do you still offer a benefit to your customers? Now is the time to tweak any products or pricing.

The professionals at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions can develop a branding strategy that includes a productive evaluation of your marketing plan every three months.

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