Three Reasons Why Video Testimonials Should be Part of Your Marketing Mix

Customer testimonials are one of the most powerful forms of advertisement available.  And when testimonials are presented in video format for others to see and hear with their own eyes and ears, they are even more convincing at getting your message across.

There are many reasons why the use of video testimonials makes good business sense. Three of which are presented here:

Personal Touch

Video makes a testimonial come alive, adding credibility and a friendly face to which others can relate. There’s something about seeing material in person versus having it written on paper that commands our attention. While some people won’t take the time to read a letter, they may respond to video footage because it is more engaging. For those who don’t have any knowledge of your company, it’s also a great way to break down barriers and answer any questions they might have.

Quick and Easy
People don’t have time to sift through a mountain of information before finally reaching what it is they’re looking for. Video testimonials provide a super user-friendly way of presenting even the most basic of information such as warranties or return policies in a way that is both interesting and informative.

Increased Visibility
With so many competitors out there vying for your customer’s business, finding a way to stand out is crucial. Having video testimonials can increase your chances of getting noticed because video lends itself well to being shared with friends via social networking sites such as Facebook.

Purposefully linking video testimonials on your webpage to your Twitter, Facebook, or other social networking accounts is another great way to increase visibility. And, increased visibility is important for maximizing SEO efforts. The more frequently your site appears on the search list, the more traffic you’re likely to drive to your webpage.

At Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions we know that your marketing strategy options are endless. If you think a video testimonial would benefit your business, contact us and we will help you plan your next move.

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