Consistent Customer Communications Start with a Clear Strategy

How do you generate leads among your customer base? Do you wait for a customer to contact you to place another order or add accessories to a platform they already own? If you are like most business owners, you can’t afford to wait for these calls to come in – you need a more reliable approach to steady revenue. You need consistent customer communications.

You more than likely already have a brand strategy in place that dictates the approach you will take when interacting with partners, colleagues and customers via your brand. Do you also have a clear strategy in place to support consistent customer communications? Such a strategy demands a clear approach to the number of times you will communicate with the customer base.

In the past, this strategy likely included the number of times you scheduled a mailer, commercial or other broadcast-type communications. With the arrival of the Internet and email as important tools in your marketing efforts, the strategy had to be refined to ensure you pushed out direct messages to your clients via email marketing tools.

While email marketing is still a viable avenue to reach the current and proposed client base, your customers are being inundated with such messages. As a result, they are opening these emails less frequently and acting on your offers at a much lower rate than in years past. This doesn’t mean it’s time to dump your email marketing campaign; it simply means you need to boost your strategy with a few other proven tools.

Consistent customer communications include social media interactions. Yes, you can schedule messages that will post on a regular basis – and we do recommend you implement this process. But, you also need to be monitoring your social media channels for chatter related to your brand and for issues your product or service was created to solve.

For instance, if you offer counseling for someone struggling with substance abuse, you need to be aware of social conversations taking place within your geographic area so you can reach out and help. Likewise, you need to provide consistent information via blogs, videos and articles that serve as a resource for your customer base. Use social media channels to push this information out and generate leads in the process.

Like everything else, consistent customer communications start with a clear strategy. Identify the channels you want to use and use them on a consistent basis. Adhere to your brand guidelines in the process and you’ll be surprised how quickly you identify new leads.

If you need help in the process, Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions is skilled at the process of consistent customer communications – it’s what we do. From blogging to emails to newsletters, we help companies like yours build out and execute that communication strategy. To learn more – contact us today.

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