Why Big Brands Need Content Marketing, Too

With all the talk in the industry surrounding the success of social media and social conversations, the focus of industry success stories often falls to smaller brands and how they made a big splash. What about the larger, well-known brands? Is there any reason for a Wal-Mart of Best Buy to get into the social conversation and launch a content marketing strategy?

Considering this is where consumers are launching the conversations, they would be ignoring key opportunities if they did not. They key is not in pushing out advertisements on a consistent basis, but instead investing in quality content consumers want to read.

Sears is one brand that understands the importance of social media and the supporting content and what they both can do for this already household name. A recent Forbes report focused on the retail giant and what they have been able to do with a best of breed content discovery platform. The interesting tidbit about their efforts is that while it’s important to create quality content that appeals to the reader, you also want them to be able to discover the content.

For Sears, the company uses various ways of connecting people with their content. The company has developed a number of different channels that all appeal to different audiences. FitStudio, for instance, uses multiple fitness experts to create content. In reaching out the wellness communities, they are able to draw them in to the FitStudio environment. At the same time, FitStudio content is promoted through social media platforms, including Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

One question that tends to be at the front of any business-owners mind when it comes to content creation is the return on investment (ROI). FitStudio is truly a major content marketing initiative and one of several programs used to engage current and new customers into the fitness-based conversation. The company focuses heavily on ROI related metrics to measure the effectiveness of individual programs, although the metrics change according to the program tested.

A key focus in this content marketing strategy is to measure engagement, membership acquisition, return visits, page views, coupon redemption and of course, purchase. ROI is ultimately determined by the lifetime value of the engaged customer. That customers is more likely to continue to purchase and share their happiness with the brand through their personal social media channels, becoming an advocate for the brand.

Believe it or not, Sears is currently the largest seller of fitness-related products. To leverage that leadership position, FitStudio was created to extend even greater value to the core customer. When shopping for fitness equipment, consumers generally have a strategy in mind related to what they hope to accomplish. By providing valuable information that addresses their questions and allows them to get more educated on the topic, Sears is able to build out the improved experience and generate more loyalty.

If you’re hoping to create success through a solid content marketing strategy, the first key is to understand what information your readers are searching for and how providing this information enriches the experience for them – so much so that they consider you the industry expert and want to buy your products. Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions can help you answer some of those questions and build out a content marketing strategy that delivers the results you want.

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