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How is Your Social Media Customer Engagement

You’ve worked hard to create a quality product or service and you’re doing everything you can to let others know about what you’ve got to offer. You’ve probably established a budget for advertising, but what about social media strategies? According … Continue reading

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Is Social Media Marketing For Everyone

We know it can sound pretty risky; there are a lot of challenges when it comes to social media marketing for any business. It gets even more challenging when considering some of the regulations your company might face. Regulations may … Continue reading

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Copywriting: Still a Powerful Tool

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Monday Morning Coffee with the National Military Heritage Museum

The stories of service across all military branches are part of our nation’s legacy, passed down from generation to generation. Today we honor the hundreds of stories shared and preserved by the National Military Heritage Museum of St. Joseph, Mo. … Continue reading

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Ramp up Your Holiday Email Marketing Campaigns

It’s never too early to start planning Christmas promotions. With Halloween just around the corner, now is actually the perfect time to start developing marketing strategies, which should include email marketing campaigns. The Christmas campaign should look different than your … Continue reading

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Blog Writing Tips That Keep Your Audience Coming Back

Building an audience that will return to your blog takes a focused effort to engage the audience with content that keeps them coming back. With consistent creations over a period of time, the audience will grow and they will keep … Continue reading

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Marketing Trends and the Direction They are Headed in 2014

In the marketing world, it is always important to know what direction we are going to be heading in the coming months. Being aware of what is new and what we need to be ready for is vital to the … Continue reading

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Facebook: Where Traffic is a Good Thing

We all know that traffic is typically a word that causes the blood pressure to rise and the desire to throw something increases. However, for Facebook, traffic is a wonderful thing and we love to see those numbers rise. According … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Coffee with Superstars for Kids Awards

So many people work diligently behind the scenes across northwest Missouri, quietly providing leadership, inspiration and hands-on hard work for the future of our children. This morning, we have the opportunity to bring one of these individuals into the limelight. … Continue reading

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Branding Strategies Learned from LEGO

How did a company with a foundation in simple plastic building blocks survive the digital age? The LEGO brand certainly took its knocks, but through innovative branding strategies, it has managed to thrive. LEGO was nearly bankrupt in 2003 after … Continue reading

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