SEO Writing is Key to a Successful Business

SEO 6Search engine-optimization is imperative to a successful business, and the majority of SEO professionals (71 percent) would agree. Over half of the practitioners would say that it has become even more vital this year than last.

When it comes to SEO writing, what are some of the most important things to keep in mind? Here are four solid tips to help increase your SEO ranking:

  1. Take a page or content based approach to SEO writing. This basically means that unique, quality content will attract attention. It can seem to be a difficult task when you know you are working in an industry with a lot of competition. However, with the changes that are being made to the Google (and other search engine) algorithms, the content-based approach will continue to be your friend.
  2. Know the impact of the content when it comes to traffic and conversion. This can be done through a simple analytics platform. Google Analytics is the most well-known platform, but there are other ways to track your social traffic. Having the knowledge of where your traffic comes from and what outlets are sending the best traffic is only going to help your SEO writing.
  3. Learn how to group pages in a way that will make sense to the customer. You know that grouping keywords in a logical fashion is extremely important. The same thing holds true for your web pages. It needs to make sense to the mind of the customer. Have you ever been to a Wal-Mart and thought to yourself, “I would definitely put the bath towels with the shower curtains, not with the kitchen towels”? Be sure to think like your customer when putting information together.
  4. Measure the impact of keywords before, during, and after you begin writing with SEO in mind. Keywords have always had a huge impact on SEO writing, but it is increasingly becoming important to measure what keywords are trending. It comes back to knowing what your customer is searching for.

Are you ready to take your SEO writing to the next level? Contact Susan J. Campbell today and find out how we can ensure that you have quality, unique content with excellent, trending keywords.

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Content Marketing Trends to Put on Your Radar

Content Marketing 10In marketing, everyone wants to be at the top of the game. The best way to get there is to stay up to date on what trends are creating the best leads between you and your consumer. Taking cues from content marketing trends is your best bet in creating relevant content that creates great results. Here are some cues you can expect to see in the coming year.

Quality Over Quantity

It’s a saying as old as time because it works. Content marketing is taking notice that the number of posts you have on social media isn’t effective. It’s what your posts are saying that gets your consumers’ attention. Before you hit “post” ask yourself what your goal is. If your posts isn’t likely to encourage feedback or don’t have a call to action, you are missing ample opportunity to start conversations with someone.

Podcasts Are Here to Stay

In 2013, the star of the online show was clearly video. But according to content marketing trends, an oldie is coming back that will steal the spotlight. Podcasts, which have been around for a while, are making a comeback. Consumers love information they can count on to be accurate and podcasts are the perfect way to host interviews with industry leaders and share though provoking stories without the distractions of visual effects.

Time is Precious

Because analytics are at your fingertips and can prove when something isn’t working, it is smart to have a plan when you discover your content isn’t performing well. It is important to remember that time is money, so if your plan isn’t bringing in leads, don’t waste your time tweaking. Simply shelf it and find something fresh and new to try. Use Google analytics and social media data to track your posts and spend your time optimizing on the content that is gaining you the most leads and feedback.

Staying up to date on online marketing trends can seem like a full time job, but luckily, you have the services of Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions to help. Contact us today to find out how we can help you optimize your online presence and be at the top of content marketing trends.

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Preparing Your Online Content Development for 2014

Thanks to many changes regarding search engine optimization and managing social media accounts in 2013, your plan for online content development will probably need some adjustments in the near future. What steps can you take to fully prepare your marketing plan going forward? Here are some tips that will help in online content development.

Get Comfortable With Responsive Design

The fact is, responsive websites are here to stay. The faster and most effective wayContent Marketing 9 to engage your consumers is to be accessible where ever they are. That means that your content needs to be designed to fit whatever screen your consumers are using to access your site. The most accessible you are, the more your consumers will use your online content.

Don’t Forget the Power of Email

Social media messaging has given the impression that email is somewhat archaic. However, in terms of ROI, email marketing is still a major player in the online content game. Email gives you the perfect opportunity to engage when you have their full attention, rather than them skimming your message in a news feed. As you plan for online content development, keep conversations via email, along with lead generation at the top of your priority list, as email marketing continues to be an effective way to start conversations with your consumer.

Know the 411 on Retargeting

What is retargeting? It’s a subtle shift in advertising that you may not notice at first but trends for 2014 require you to take notice. It’s a system of repositioning ads for consumers after they have visited a site to encourage further interaction. When your consumer leaves your site and visits another, your advertisement will appear again on another site. This increases the chances that your consumers will engage, especially when considering that consumers usually don’t click on an ad the first time they see it. Retargeting allows you to prove your ad is worthy of their “click” on top of grabbing their attention.

As you plan for online content development in the coming year, these trends will definitely pop up on your radar. At Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions, we see the trends coming and have great ideas on how to integrate them into your marketing plan, so contact us today and let’s start today.

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What You Need to Know About Social Media Trends

Content Marketing 7It shouldn’t come as a surprise that social media, for the most part, is all about networking. It doesn’t matter if you’re a B2B company or a B2C company, you need to be an H2H business. These social media trends are going to help you succeed on any social media platform and will assist you in creating awesome networking opportunities.

  1. Visual is on the Rise: It isn’t hard to see that social media platforms have become more visually focused – and it shouldn’t be that surprising. According to Mike Stelzner from Social Media Examiner, 70 percent of marketers are going to use more visual content this year. Visual content is easier to understand quickly and they are easily shared, while being a powerhouse for stirring up emotion. One thing to consider while creating your visual content is using the same color-scheme, similar fonts, and maybe even the same filters. This will create a brand for all visual content you share, which will begin to stand out to your followers.
  2. Short and Sweet: In the words of Donna Moritz, make your content “shareable and snackable.” Take tips from other blogs you have already posted and use that content for some great tweets or Facebook updates. It’s a simple way to get the most from the content you already created, while making sure that people don’t miss out on what you have to offer. Another thing to consider is creating photos with these tips. It is an easy way to blend the trend of visual content with your snackable content.
  3. Focus on the Customer: Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in what you have to offer the customer. Be sure to remember that without the customer, you wouldn’t be here. Social media trends are becoming all about the customer. It is important to create and maintain relationships through the different platforms.

How are you using these three social media trends on your platforms? If you are struggling with how to create visual and snackable content, contact Susan J. Campbell today and see how we can help you!

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Monday Morning Coffee with Kincaid Plant Markers: Growing Something Great in Northwest Missouri

Kincaid Garden Markers 1If you’ve got great plants growing, what do you do then? You organize them, label them and share your stories about them.

Serious garden enthusiasts are thinking of organizing, labeling and remembering their plants this time of year – and serious garden enthusiasts know there’s no garden marker like a Kincaid garden marker. Like many products made in northwest Missouri, the garden markers (a.k.a. plant markers, plant tags or plant labels) came about as a hands-on solution to real problems with existing markers. There’s even an interesting local tie to one of the region’s top businesses.

Founded in 2006, Gary and Gail Kincaid and family have worked to solve garden labeling problems by creating a line of 100 percent stainless steel markers to offer gardeners. In fact, Gary used his professional engineering experience from his first career at Altec, Inc., to personally create some custom equipment for his workshop so that each marker is strong and well-built.

When the concept for Kincaid markers was born, former commercial growers Gary and Gail were challenged to find a plant marker that would perform more reliably than traditional markers. This meant that plates had to stay put, were easy to read, and that the posts wouldn’t corrode or rust over time. The solution came with Kincaid stainless steel plant markers, and today the Kincaid family carefully finishes each marker on-site. They also pack and ship within one business day so that gardeners don’t have to wait. Labeling is easy with the Brother portable labeler system, which is also offered by Kincaid.

Kincaid Garden Markers 2Because they’re stronger and more reliable than other garden markers, Kincaid markers have become the top choice for gardeners who want the best and only want to set out their plant markers once. They’re used at top gardens like Powell Gardens, (Kansas City’s botanical garden), and the Better Homes & Gardens Test Garden in Des Moines, Iowa.

To share the word about their superior markers, Kincaid utilizes a reseller program for garden centers, landscape companies and nurseries. They also offer special discounts for garden clubs whose members place group orders. Recently Kincaid Plant Markers were featured at the YWCA spring garden luncheon with more events planned.

A new logo and tagline were recently created to showcase their product line and a new website and blog “Metal to the Petal” is set to rollout this month. Buyers’ own testimonies about the quality of the markers also go a long way, with customers re-blogging and posting the praise for Kincaid on several sites – including “Best markers I’ve ever used” and “I’m planning to replace all my current markers with Kincaid markers.”

Not only do the Kincaids value exceptional customer service by phone or email, they’re also sharing part of the success of the business with Backpack Buddies to help feed children in need during the weekends when school is closed. As their new social media campaign goes into full swing this spring, no doubt garden enthusiasts nationwide will enjoy getting their plant labeling needs taken care of in one reliable product.

Today SJC honors this down-to-earth (pun intended), solutions-driven business that makes northwest Missouri shine a little more! PS – Try a bundle of Kincaid Plant Markers as a great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift.

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Emotional Branding the Disney Way

When you think about inspiration for your brand, there’s no better place to look than the empire built by Walt Disney. For nearly 100 years, Disney has been delivering epic material for the world to enjoy. Their brand keeps customers happy with attention to detail unsurpassed technology and unique products that customers relate to.

Disney 2Disney has had so much success because they do more than just follow a brand strategy. They have created an empire that evokes emotion and nostalgia among consumers. Emotional branding creates a connection with your consumers that is one of the strongest ties you can have with your target audience.

How Emotional is Your Message?

It doesn’t matter if you are selling tissue paper or retirement plans. If your message has strong emotional branding, it will trigger an emotion with your consumers that will stick with them long after your message is delivered. Consider these tips to emotionally connect with your consumers through your brand’s message.

  1. Trust– Let your consumers know they can trust you. Trusting that the service or product you offer will meet their needs will open many more doors for you, including customer loyalty and word of mouth advertising.
  2. Empathy-Show empathy. Create messages that let your consumers know that you are aware of their needs and work hard to provide them with solutions. Having a complete understanding of your consumer will translate into your message.
  3. Experience-Give your consumers an experience. Your brand should do more than sell a product or service. Once your consumers see your message, whether through thought-provoking Tweets or a creative video, they should walk away with a new feeling or connection to associate with your brand. That type of lasting impression will be more effective than any other form of paid advertising.

At Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions, we take the time to know your brand and we are passionate about sharing your message. Let us help you create one that will stand the test of time with your consumers. Contact us today for more information on brand strategies and development.

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Find the Followers

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Know the How and Why of Social Media Platforms

You know the who, the what and the where of social media. But the most important thing for you to know is the HOW and WHY social media is so important for your business.

Leading marketing experts agree that there are stars of the show when it comes to which social media platforms are the most effective and worthwhile vehicles through which millions of brands are reaching their target audiences. Here is HOW those shining stars are proven to be successful in growing business.

  1. Facebook– only about seven percent of adults in the United States are not onFacebook 2 Facebook. It offers businesses a way to connect with consumers on a daily basis. Its versatility allows your consumers to connect with your brand on multiple levels, whether they like your photos, need your phone number or want to check out your place of business. Facebook is many platforms in one.
  2. LinkedIn– considered the underdog, LinkedIn is actually a very powerful tool. As much as 64 percent of traffic to corporate websites comes from LinkedIn. It is the most popular social media platform for the professional world because it provides a business-centered environment where individuals are making connections based on their skills and industry strengths. It is a place to show off your credentials, education, capabilities and present yourself as an industry expert by sharing your knowledge via group discussions and forums.
  3. Twitter– Though not as content heavy as Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter is also an effective tool to drive traffic to your website. With the proper use of hashtags, you can use Twitter to garner impressive SEO results. Another benefit is the real-time connection that you make with your consumers. Marketing research shows that Twitter is growing as a popular social media tool. The site saw a 900 percent user increase in just one year between 2013 and 2014.

Your social media presence is one of the most important elements of your branding strategy and the team at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions has the skills and knowledge to capitalize on the potential success that can be garnered from effectively using social media. Let us help bring your brand to the next level by contacting us today.

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The Third Annual Year of Mobile Marketing

Branding Strategies 3The third time is the charm, right? The phenomenon of mobile marketing has been gaining speed since 2012. Businesses are now seeing as many as one out of every five online purchases made from a mobile device.

According to the Strategy Program Director at IBM, Jay Henderson, this is the year that will push companies into mobile marketing. However, the tough part of predicting when the adoption will be full blown is that typically it’s not noticeable until after it has already occurred.

The exciting part about where mobile marketing is right now is that there are so many companies that haven’t gotten on board quite yet. These companies are still taking baby steps into this world. The best way to get into mobile marketing is by jumping in and blending the mobile experience with the store experience. This can be done in a variety of ways, but two of the best are:

  1. Asking customers to check-in at the store using their mobile device. This will increase the business’ mobile marketing, while giving customers the opportunity to participate as well.
  2. Posting photos of the store in action is another great way to pull together mobile marketing and the in-store experience.

Greg Stuart, the Global CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association, says that the best way to get involved in mobile marketing is by having someone who is committed to change and is educated in all areas of marketing, especially mobile.

If you are ready to dive into mobile marketing, Susan J. Campbell is just the company to help you. We are committed to making the correct changes for your company and we definitely know our way around mobile marketing!

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Monday Morning Coffee (and a Chicken Biscuit on the Side) With Chick-fil-A

ChickFilA 1The saying goes, “You always want what you can’t have.” This is so very true for Chick-fil-A. We always crave it on Sundays, the one day they are closed. However, it’s a great thing that they are closed on Sundays since it gives people like Jared Johnson time with his family.

Jared Johnson is the owner of the St. Joseph Chick-fil-A; but just how does one become the owner of a Chick-fil-A franchise? Johnson had just moved back to Texas from Nashville and began working as a team member, as a married 31 year old with two kids. He had dreams of owning his own franchise eventually. He gradually moved up and began working in corporate. Pretty quickly Johnson was asked to take over the St. Joseph store. He accepted, but quite possibly could be regretting it after the winter we have had!

There aren’t very many times that you would have a bad experience at Chick-fil-A. The corporate offices have tried to create an environment that is all about going the extra mile for their customers. This all starts with hiring and keeping great individuals with a solid work ethic.

When it comes to going the extra mile it includes clearing trays for customers or even participating in Mom’s Valet. Mom’s Valet is a program that allows for ordering and paying in the drive-thru and getting a table set up and ready for the family while they are parking. It provides some relief for busy moms with kiddos in the back seat!

Jared strives to get food in people’s mouths and let it do the talking for the quality of their product. And, boy does it! Just thinking about Chick-fil-A can get the craving started – thankfully, it’s Monday and you have all week to pop in, say hi to Jared and his team, and snag yourself a yummy chicken sandwich and some waffle fries.

Susan J. Campbell wanted to give a shout-out to Jared for his dedication to Chick-fil-A and his commitment to providing the best experience possible. Be sure to stop by the St. Joseph Chick-fil-A Facebook page for local specials and funny ads!


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