Skeptics and the Mobile User Experience

Mobile Marketing 4Computer users are going less and less to their desktops and laptops, preferring instead to go to their mobile devices to absorb online material. Researchers at the Penn State Media Effects Research Laboratory have found that mobile users are a wise group and are very unlikely to get any value out of flashy banner ads that offer free stuff or warnings about viruses. In fact, many mobile users believe that when they click on a banner ad, they are subjecting themselves to a potential threat, researchers found.

If you’re trying to deliver a valuable mobile user experience, you’re going to have to think of something other than banner ads because today’s mobile users are tech savvy.

What mobile users find particularly useless are banner ads that require the user to do something immediately. The goal of the ad is to inspire the user (or scare them) to click on the ad and be taken directly to the offer. However, researchers found that these are the ads that are consistently ignored. Furthermore, test subjects who were given the choice between clicking on an ad that displayed a security warning, free gift icon, and a third that showed both, subjects said the most untrustworthy ad was the one offering a free gift.

What’s the takeaway? Researchers say the most important thing an advertiser can do to offer a mobile user experience that means something is to be honest and only offer useful products or information that doesn’t include garish graphics in your mobile marketing strategy.

If you aren’t sure how to get more positive attention and have failed to capture the traffic your company deserves, call Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions. We can develop and execute a key strategy for your brand growth that involves a positive mobile user experience. We know what works (quality content) and what doesn’t work (banner ads that offer free gifts). Call us today and get the attention your brand deserves.

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Twitter Packs a Mean Punch With Little Messages

Twitter 3Is Twitter really a vital part of your marketing plan? It is hard to imagine that a message that can only be up to 140 characters can be effective, but brands are finding more and more ways to use Twitter to actively engage with consumers on a meaningful level.

Twitter has many advantages, including:

• Providing real time feedback from consumers
• Addressing consumers’ concerns in a timely manner
• Identifying influential clients who are engaged and willing to help share your message
• Tracking which messages are the favorite, retweeted and quoted, giving you insight on what strategies are most effective
• The more your brand name is active on Twitter, the more likely your search engine results will increase

Those advantages aside, how else is Twitter so effective? It helps brands engage with consumers in ways that fit into the daily lives of their clients. Consumers can share their thoughts with brands in a convenient and spur of the moment post, while also directly contacting the brand. Not only are you getting their messages, but all of their followers are seeing your brand name, as well as a link to your profile.

Twitter is also a great way to show off your brand. With the use of creative hashtags, your consumers can do a bulk of advertising for you. Giving them creative ways to engage with your brand is a sure fire way your marketing plan will go further than you can imagine.

While your consumers are on Twitter talking about your brand, they are also providing you with excellent feedback. Use their comments and questions to assess your brand’s strengths and weaknesses.

Twitter will prove to be a worthy element to your marketing plan. At Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions, social media experts show you how to fully engage with your consumers. Contact (or Tweet!) us today to find out how.

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Monday Morning Coffee with Habitat ReStore: Get Your Repurpose On

St. Joe Habitat 1What’s one of the hottest trends on Pinterest, on TV and in conversation? Repurposing. Everything from furniture to craft items to architectural scraps can be remade and repurposed into something new. (By now, you probably know someone who is making couches out of duct tape and coat hangers and selling them on Etsy)

Repurposing is certainly environmentally friendly and socially responsible. It’s also, in its essence, the premise behind the St. Joseph Habitat for Humanity ReStore – and with garage sale and flea market season in full swing, it’s the place where gently used stuff gets new life.

Like its name, the “ReStore” is in the business of restoring items like furniture, hardware, paint and even some construction piece to new life with new owners. On a deeper level, customers who shop the ReStore know they’re finding a needed item to restart their own home project at a great price, and they’re helping keep items out of dumps or landfills that still have plenty of life left. Everybody wins.

The store models several national Habitat ReStores, in that community members, builders and contractors can donate their scrap or unneeded items. Volunteers and staff price them and sell them, but at bargain-conscious prices. Revenues can be returned to the community by helping support Habitat projects.

This month, the ReStore is partnering with the St. Joseph Regional Association of Realtors for a garage sale event, complete with a food truck and lots of realtors’ items for sale. It’s part of a week-long celebration of the store’s third year in business, and working together to boost the event and the brand of Habitat with local realtors is a smart move (pun intended). Not only can Habitat work within realtors’ social media channels to share their message, but they are reaching out to a group of brand champions who can tell clients who are moving out or moving in about the ReStore. They’re hitting an audience target that can continue to expand throughout the year, and that’s a sweet spot to be in.

Projects at the ReStore line up nicely with the ongoing outreach and volunteer coordination from Habitat for Humanity, including home build events for women and other specific groups. Photos and videos online are engaging and full of energy, which helps create a stronger brand perception for Habitat.

This week, Susan J. Campbell Copywriting thanks the ReStore for three years of great repurposing and creative energy. In many ways, we’re also in the business of repurposing – we help businesses repurpose brand messages to give them new life with target audiences. If your brand story needs a fresh start, give us a call today.

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What You Should Consider for Your B2B to Optimize Marketing Strategies Through Social Media

Social Media 5You know the power of social media in reaching your consumers. With real-time posts, ability to give feedback and mobile availability, it is an obvious choice. But now it is time to consider another way social media is a vital part of your marketing strategies.

Data and feedback from businesses reports that business to business (B2B) communication is increasing due to social media. B2Bs are beginning to capitalize on the fact that connecting with others in their industries in beneficial in creating an overall online persona.

In order to maximize your B2B reach, consider adding the following social media platforms to your marketing strategies:

LinkedIn: It is the number one site for professionals to network. You promote your brand by being a leading source of information about your industry; you showcase assets, awards and capabilities and build relationships. You can also share presentations and links to your blog and website through LinkedIn

Blogs: Not only are blogs the number one source of traffic to your website, but they are customizable platforms where you can create a unique voice for your brand. Blogs give you an opportunity to showcase your expertise, whether by demonstrating a product, giving a review or sharing opinions on news in your industry. Your blog can be used to generate leads, improve your search engine results and give your consumers something to share.

Twitter: Research has shown that Twitter is a viable source for B2Bs, namely because 30 percent of searches by Twitter users are for B2B accounts. It is where companies are going to quickly make connections. Because Twitter messages are in real-time, they provide a fast, timely way to share your message. Tweeting often and actively engaging with other B2Bs is easy and effective.

Your marketing strategy is your best asset and we can help it shine. Let the professionals at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions polish your brand, using the social media tools and tricks we have researched. Contact us today to find out more.

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Social Media Marketing: Never Easier, Never More Complicated

Social media marketing is growing, more platforms are popping up, and Millennials are truly integrated on all platforms, which regardless of your target market now, they will eventually fit in that market.

On the other hand, there are more platforms popping up and social media marketing is growing faster than ever. Before now, it was easy to post something to Facebook or Twitter and watch the message spread. Now, it takes a strategy and correct implementation to get your message to shine brighter than the rest.

So where should your focus be in 2014; what should direct your strategy? Here are three key focus areas for the next year.

  1. Twitter Twitter has really stepped up their game recently. While they might be17300381_s small in terms of development and financials, they are moving in the correct direction to really take off. They have placed a significance on visual content and have launched several new types of advertising. As a small business, Facebook is a great tool, but don’t forget about Twitter. It is quickly becoming a necessity.
  2. Visual Content As mentioned above, visual content is on the rise. Photos and videos are extremely important to the success of your social media marketing. If you aren’t making visual content a priority in your strategy, you definitely need to.
  3. Blogging Blogging is more important then ever. While it might not seem like it all the time, each social media platform is a blog in a unique form. Make sure to incorporate blogs, in the traditional sense, as well. Providing quality content to your audience is what will help build a strong following.

If you aren’t sure how to create a strategy that will help you achieve your business goals, give Susan J. Campbell a call today. We are ready to create a strategy, build your platforms and following, and begin providing valuable content to your audience.

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Social Media Lessons From a Childhood Friend

Peter Pan 1There has always been a set of written or unwritten rules for the Internet. With the rise in social media, writing the rules, understanding them, and following them has become even more important. Disney movies are a wealth of information and always contain many great lessons. Some of these lessons were important and vital for children to learn and begin practicing right away; whereas others can be valuable to society today.

Here are four social media lessons from Peter Pan:

  1. Be Sure to Provide a Solution
    Michael and John were faced with the problem that Mr. Darling wanted them to grow up quickly. Peter Pan provided the solution of Neverland. On the various social media platforms, it is vital to actually listen to what the audience is saying. Once you understand what their problem is, you can provide the best possible solution for them. Become a reliable source of information and build up that loyalty and trust.
  2. Be a Leader
    Peter Pan teaches Wendy how to fly by taking her by the hand and showing her. Isn’t it so much better to have someone show you where something is, rather than just pointing in the general direction? Quality customer service extends to social media. Direct your audience to exactly where you want them to end up, through links and keywords. When you begin providing great content consistently, your following will begin to grow. The Lost Boys look up to Peter because he earned their trust. Your audience needs to believe that you know what you’re talking about as you begin directing them and telling them where to go.
  3. Be Captivating
    Don’t bore your audience with information that is old and presented in the same way every single time. Tinkerbell always brought a crowd when she began talking. Be sure to share something different with your audience, whether it is the content or perhaps the method by which you are sharing. This will impress your readers and keep them interested in the information you are providing.
  4. Reflect Your Brand
    Peter Pan always chased after his shadow when it ran off. Why? Because he needed it to reflect his movements. Make sure all content is consistent with your brand. This will continue to build your audience’s trust.

Social media requires patience and dedication; but so does customer service. When in doubt, remember that social media is just an extension of your customer service. If you aren’t sure just how that should look, contact Susan J. Campbell today.

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Building Your Content Marketing Plan From the Base Up

When you begin your content marketing journey, there are so many possibilities that it can seem overwhelming. First and foremost, you need to develop strong content. The next step is distributing that content to your target audience. But how to you cover all of your bases?

Think of your content marketing plan like an umbrella. You need a plan that has aContent Marketing 5 strong core but also extends and covers other areas at the same time. To start, ask yourself these key questions in order to start building the core purpose of your marketing plan:

Building Your Marketing Plan Base:

  • What is the desired end result of your marketing plan?
  • How can your content generate action from your consumers?
  • What kind of content does your consumer react to?
  • Where are my consumers at?

Once you set a goal for your content marketing plan, it is time to determine what the canopy of your umbrella will consist of. Effective avenues to reach target audience are unique in every marketing plan. It is important to know where your target audience is most likely to engage with your brand. Are they more likely to respond on social media, e-newsletters, press releases or presentations? Here are some of the most effective ways to reach your consumers.

Reach and Engage Your Consumer

  • Blogs increase search engine results. The more you post, the more likely your consumers will find you.
  • Videos give you the opportunity to connect quickly with consumers and give them high value information to explain your brand.
  • Content that is high value for consumers is the best way to curate regular and repeat traffic from consumers. Research keywords related to your industry and capitalize on what topics your consumers are searching for online.

At Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions, we have done the research and know the who, what, when and where of content marketing. Let us help you reap the benefits by building you a strategy for your brand that brings results.

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