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Social Media Content Directed at the Right Target Improves ROI

According to a recent survey by Social Media Examiner, around 58 percent of marketers said social media use has helped them to improve their sales. LinkedIn appears to be a popular site for B2B marketers, 65 percent of which said … Continue reading

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How do I Start a Conversation on a Social Media Platform?

Social media platforms are supposed to stir up social interaction, right? It doesn’t always look like that though. A lot of brands choose to use social media to send out messages rather than to be social with loyal and potential … Continue reading

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Press Play On Social Media Videos

If you are in the loop of the social media world, chances are you have noticed that social media videos are the new kid on the block. From funny cat videos to quick product demonstrations, videos are popping up everywhere. … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Coffee: How SJC Justifies Eating Cupcakes for Breakfast

There are many things companies can do to get customers in their doors. But what happens AFTER they’ve sent their products home with them? One of the most important aspects of marketing is customer feedback. Recently, members of the SJC … Continue reading

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Hashtag, Hashtag, Hashtag

That pound sign means so much more these days. Twitter has updated it with the hashtag. The shocking (or not so shocking) thing is that the hashtag has crept its way into all sorts of non-digital places. You can see … Continue reading

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Twitter Tests Location Sharing Options

Are you ever tweeting and wish you knew who else was an avid Twitter user? It appears that with the still-being-tested “Nearby” function you might be able to make this wish come true. Twitter knows that mobile users are the … Continue reading

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Pinterest is a Powerful Marketing Platform

Pinterest is a unique spot on the social media spectrum. The site currently attracts 48.7 million users worldwide, most of them female. Used correctly, the site offers marketing advantages to companies looking to promote to female buyers. With the addition … Continue reading

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Top Companies Demonstrate How Social Media Tools Are a Part of Successful Marketing Strategies

Social media continues to pick up steam. The platforms are numerous and they continue to provide an excellent opportunity to companies ready to leverage their broad reach. The biggest boy on the social media block is Facebook with over 1 … Continue reading

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Search Engine Optimization Tips to Direct More Traffic to Your Site

You’ve toiled long and hard to create valuable content for your blog page, but have yet to generate interest. Creating quality content is the biggest part of the battle. Now consider search engine optimization to pull in more viewers. Search … Continue reading

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What Can we Learn From Others Mistakes in Social Media Marketing?

The story is a big deal right now: Kmart is opening at 6pm on Thanksgiving Day and staying open for 41 hours straight. Whether you agree with their business tactic or not, there is something to be learned from their … Continue reading

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