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Your Brand Story Establishes Loyalty

Everyone has a story to tell. The seemingly most uninteresting person in the room has a story somewhere in their past that will compel the average person. Like people, all businesses have a story to tell. When offering these “brand” … Continue reading

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The Key to Internet Marketing – Diversification

Jumping into Internet marketing is best accomplished taking a planned approach. A poorly executed attempt can actually create a negative impact, and it can happen easily if you’re tackling a multi-channel strategy. Websites need careful tweaking, as do the articles, … Continue reading

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How The New LinkedIn Updates Benefit Users

Thanks to new updates, LinkedIn has become even more useful and user friendly for businesses and professionals. Here are updates you need to know about: 1. Mobile App When you are on the go like most business professionals are, getting … Continue reading

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Content Creation: Is it All in the Name?

Whether you’re scrolling through Facebook, reading tweets on Twitter, perusing the latest update on your favorite blog, or enjoying a delightful book on a Saturday morning, you are consuming content. We here at SJC are all about content creation. However, … Continue reading

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Marketing Lessons From Duck Dynasty

We are all very much aware of the Duck Dynasty and Phil Robertson deal. However, have you thought about what kind of marketing lessons we can glean from this story? The cliché saying, “there’s always two sides to the story” … Continue reading

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LinkedIn Looks to Boost Content Marketing

Wanting to do more content marketing on LinkedIn? Now you can as the site is opening up to more granular updates on company pages. LinkedIn has more than 3 million company pages at the moment, but experimented in a pilot program … Continue reading

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A Few Words About Writing a Successful Blog

Blogging is a great way to share important business information and connect with customers.  Writing a successful blog includes keeping your audience a priority. Here are a few tips that can help you write successful blogs for your market: 1. … Continue reading

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Things to Consider When Crafting Your Content Marketing Plan

In the same way that real estate is all about location, location, location…marketing could be said to be all about content, content, content. In order to really benefit from social media marketing and SEOs you have to offer great content. … Continue reading

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Four Fun and Different Ways to Stimulate Engagement on Facebook

You may know that engagement with your customers is important, however, maybe you don’t understand different ways to get that engagement up and running – or maybe you just need fresh, new ideas on how to keep it going. Here … Continue reading

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Pinterest is a Powerful Marketing Platform

Pinterest is a unique spot on the social media spectrum. The site currently attracts 48.7 million users worldwide, most of them female. Used correctly, the site offers marketing advantages to companies looking to promote to female buyers. With the addition … Continue reading

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