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Monday Morning Coffee with Pony Espresso

This morning, beat the “daily grind” of your Monday with an experience at a true local coffeehouse, Cafe Pony Espresso, located in downtown, St. Joseph, Mo. Walking in, you’ll likely get a nod and a greeting from the locals and … Continue reading

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How to Implement Branding Ideas

As long as there is internet, there will be trending topics or stories that go viral. This provides a unique opportunity for businesses to use these trends wisely. It must be done the right way, however, and this is where … Continue reading

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Five Branding Ideas for Your Organization

There are a lot of organizations and companies who have established their presence on social media. However, there are few who are attempting to engage their followers to truly build a community who will make recommendations which lead to sales. … Continue reading

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Are You Making the Most of Your Social Media Interaction?

Social media interaction accounts for a majority of brand recommendations. Think about it. If you have a positive conversation about a product or service with a company wouldn’t you be more willing to try it. The findings of a recent … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Coffee with Zest Yoga and Wellness

Think peace, awareness and flexibility this week with Zest Yoga and Wellness, a new business inside the historic Green Acres Building, St. Joseph, Mo. You might also think physical stamina, strength, calorie-burning and toning – but these are the additional … Continue reading

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Do Your Current Branding Ideas Focus on a Broken Promise?

The best branding ideas should directly impact the customer, encouraging spending. You need to understand what influences buying power and create excitement about those specific products and services. Your brand must be a promise to deliver. How you commit the … Continue reading

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