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Do You Know the Best Time to Post to Facebook?

This question is probably the ultimate question when it comes to social media. It is a really tough question to answer because it really does depend on the target audience. In a lot of ways, you have to find out … Continue reading

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Do You Know All Your Options When It Comes to Content Marketing?

All companies know the importance of content marketing but more than half of those same companies find it challenging. According to a recent survey, 64 percent of those businesses asked, felt creating content was a major hurdle. A recent article … Continue reading

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Blog Writing is All About Content. Nothing More. Nothing Less.

Good blog writing depends on content, plain and simple. But what defines “good content” is semantics really. What may be good content for you may not work for someone else and there starts the debate. Yet I think we call … Continue reading

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Do You Get Excited About Social Media?

Social media. Some hear this and get a little happy and excited about the overall prospect of things to come. Others hear this and the cringe that accompanies the grumblings begin. Despite the occasional negative response to social media, the … Continue reading

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Are You Creating Content That’s Going No Where?

Did you ever stop and wonder why the wheel was created? Probably not. It seems like almost overnight we’ve understood the importance of tweeting and posting to social media. Most of us have even become experts at creating content that … Continue reading

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Top Questions to Help Develop Your Next Content Marketing Strategy

Every once in a while you will need to breathe new life into your content marketing strategy. Content is one of the most important aspects of any successful business plan. Recently Social Media Today talked about top aspects of refreshing … Continue reading

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How Can Pinterest Launch Your Nonprofit’s Success?

Pinterest is no longer just for the crafty and creative. The former invite-only social media network has become one of the most popular tools for nonprofits and small businesses. The only catch is trying to work Pinterest to maximize their … Continue reading

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